Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Mr Baugh and Mr Eitel-Smith get soaked


The Year 6 finally got their revenge on Mr Baugh and Mr Eitel-Smith with a ‘proper good soaking’!


Primary School Staff get soaked from y6pewithall on Vimeo.

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Teachers Rap


Year 6 perform their teachers rap.

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Message from John Bishop


A personal message to our Year 6 Leavers from TV Star and comedian John Bishop. Great advice, thank you John.

John Bishop

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

A message from Celebrity Masterchef’s Greg Wallace


Here’s some fantastic advice from TV Star Greg Wallace for our leavers. Great advice Greg, thank you.

Greg Wallace

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Reception to Year 6 The Wagtails


young and old

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

O is for



O is for from y6pewithall on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Quiff The Movie



The Quiff Pewithall Leavers2015 from y6pewithall on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Uptown Funk by Pewithall Leavers


Pewithall Primary does Uptown Funk Lip Dub from y6pewithall on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Leavers Assembly 2015 Endless Tag


What a fantastic performance from all of the year 6. Well done, you made me such a proud teacher once more. Here is the Endless Tag videos that we shared during the assembly.

Please comment and share further,

Endless Tag

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Should they stay or leave Bryher


Would you stay on a flooded island? With no food,water or money! With only one way out! But the only way out could kill or save you. This is the situation that the Perrymen are facing.

On the island of Bryher , the Perrymen ( Granny May, Mother, Father and Laura) should leave to find Billy – Laura’s twin brother – who abandoned the family to travel the world on a ship. Finding Billy could re-unite the whole family so they can be together. Especially as Granny May will want to see him again before she dies. On the contrary, the Perrymens should stay on the island of Bryher in case Billy returns. If they were to leave and Billy returns he would worry because he would never see them again and the last memory of them would be his father being mad with him.

The Perrymans won’t be able to survive the winter when the floods destroy the houses. They will not be able to survive because it’s too cold. Therefore they should leave the island as soon as possible. However the floods are a reason to stay because it could cause fish to be swept onto the island providing them with the food that they need.

To conclude there are two ways this could go both as dangerous as each other. Both can cause watery deaths.

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Should they leave or stay the Isles Of Scilly?


Should They Leave Or Stay The Isles Of Scilly?

In the Isles of Scilly lives the Perrymans, and they have a monstrous decision to make. Should they leave or stay?

Dried up, dead, silent, eerie, unknown, is the home of Laura Perryman. (A.K.A The Isles Of Scilly). They have no food, other than the salty limpets of the sea. They will starve unless they move to a larger land. However in months to come food will come, and also they can catch fish in the brutal sea.

Screaming comes from Granny May “AHHHHHHH! I am so ill!” Granny May has to leave if she wants to live since there will be world-class doctors in big countries, which will help her, and there will be less stress in the family. But, if they look after Granny May themselves, correctly, she’ll be as fine as rain.

Hopeful, they could find Billy on his boat as they travel to England ( their closest known land), so they know if he is safe as they start their new life. What will happen if Billy comes back or dies? They will never know, and that would be heartbreaking.

The turtle has disappeared it will never return. It will waste their time looking for it. However, the turtle could return with food or a clue from the wreckage, which would be a great help.

England may be colder than the Isles of Scilly but it’s larger and there won’t be as many floods, which is a food place to live.

Though months will pass and it will be soon hotter than England… And fish will come closer to land for people to eat.

I think they should leave since the only bad thing about leaving is Billy might come back or die however they could leave a note.

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Should the PERRYMANS leave Brhyer



The situation is critical for the Perrymans: they either stay or flee to another island. They need to decide quickly as Granny May is very ill. Also there is very little food on the Island of Bryher.

Granny May is in the hands of the decision of whether to stay or leave Bryher. They could leave and run the risk of making her more ill and sea sick. Even though there is a high risk they could find a doctor or an island with medicine. Granny May is the best shrimper on the bay if she gets better she can get shrimps for every one and help them survive the bleak hard winter. If the weather gets worse it could make Grannny Mays roof collapse which could injure her further.

Whilst Billy is out at sea Laura and her family are worried about how he is and where he is. If Billy comes back and the Perrymans aren’t there Billy will never see them again. If they stay and Billy doesn’t come they should go and find a new place to live whilst hoping to bump into the General Lee.

I think the Perrymans have too many good memories to leave Bryher. They have just as many bad memories like Milly (the cow) dying. If the family leave Bryher they might forget Billy as Laura says “if we stop thinking about Billy we’ll forget him for good” .If they stay Granny May has a better chance of getting better and Billy coming back. Therefore I think they should stay and battle the bleak winter.

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Should The Perrymens Leave Bryher?


On the windy, wet Island of Bryher the Perrymens are considering whether to leave or stay on the island, the island where they spent their whole life. Crashes and bangs everyday, Granny Mays roof has fallen down. According to Granny May ” Roofs are easy to fix, hope is harder “. So on the bay Granny is thinking positively while Laura isn’t. Worriedly, she is thinking about Billy everyday on the General Lee. Sailed off long ago. Gone for weeks, months, years! What are they going to do? As clueless as a fish.

After Billy left hįs emotional hell house everyone is distraught. As he left with splishs and splashes nobody knew what to do. “All the cows have died now Billy’s gone!” exclaimed his father. In their hearts they want to leave to find Billy but in their minds they know that Billy will come home to Bryher to find them. Physically now they’re wrecked. Strolling along the bay, hopeless. Hour after hour. Stay or leave?

For Laura’s some what impossible dream of sailing across the crystal, blue sea. Snoozing gets quieter as it seems more unrealistic.” A girl can’t be cabin… Girl!” On the island Laura can prove she’s tough enough to be cabin girl. Optionally she could sail away. Sail to another island where nobody knows who she is. For possibly forever. Stay or leave?

So because of all these consequences their chose is very hard. Stay or leave?

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Will the Perrymans stay or leave Bryher


On the outskirts of Bryher there has been a flood and has destroyed the island where the Perrymans live. This flood was one of the wildest floods in Bryhers history. Crashing down the walls and roofs of the island, the waves wrecked the island. Should the Perrymans stay or should they go?

Leaving the island could be a big mistake because Billy (their son) could come back to the Isles of Scilly to Bryher to see his family. But when he arrives he would realise that his family isn’t there to keep him safe. Yet some people can argue if they leave they might find Billy on the journey – on a boat or walking on a road on a different island.

If the family decide to stay on the island they will be happy because they will have beautiful memories all around them. Yet, we all do have bad memories right? So if they leave they can still think of all the good memories and picture them in their mind but remove the bad memories from their thoughts.

So what will they decide to do stay or go?

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Should they stay or leave Bryher , the island ?


Should they stay or leave the island of Bryher?

Sad, poor, cold – the family of Perrymans live in a horrible and uncomfortable condition in the Isles of Scilly, Bryher. Billy Perryman (the youngest Perryman) went to sea but, will he come back? Should the family leave or stay?

Sailing furiously should they leave Bryher? If they leave Billy might come back to Bryher ready to cry with joy when he sees his family. But they will be gone! So Billy would be on the island on his own. But can he take care of himself? If they stay on Bryher they haven’t got any good food so they might starve to death and die before Billy gets back to the island. What should they do?

Granny May is seriously ill she needs help ( food/medicine ). Storms and lightning are dangerous travelling conditions. They can be life threatening, risky seas. It’s too hard for Granny May to travel. But she might make it across the sea and then they will be able to find a shelter and food. If Granny May stays she will get even more ill but might be able to see Billy once more. Meanwhile she doesn’t have any food. What should they do ?

However, if the family leave, the turtle might come back from the water, wanting food or bringing food and it may have an injury because of the storms. Green and slow, the turtle is in the sea. The fantastic creature may come back with food and help the Perrymans find Billy so he can make it home safety. What should they do ?

Food, hunger, starving: the Perrymans need some food. If they leave they might find some food to eat to make Granny May better. If they stay, no money will come in so they can’t buy food and everyone will turn ill or either die.

If they leave there would be lots of serious and dangerous storms that could badly injure them or even kill them. But if they stay , another shipwreck could happen and they might get flooded. What should they do ?

So should they stay or leave Bryher ? There are both equally amounts of positive reasons and negative reasons each way they would get injured because of the fierce , angry storms and the giant , risky floods. What should they do ?

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

What should they do stay or leave Bryher ?


What should they do? On the Isles of Scilly there was a island called Bryher there was family called the Perrymans and they are trying to make a hard decision if they should stay or leave Bryher.

If the family stay on Bryher Lauras twin brother, Billy, might come back and then they will get money coming through. They will get milk from the cows and they will all be healthy. However, if they live Billy might come back and he will be worrying if they are dead or alive as he won’t know where they are.

Walking back from the beach Laura is wondering if Granny May is ok and should they leave or stay in Bryher. If they stay in Bryher Granny Mays roof of the house might fall down again and she would probably die. But if they leave Bryher she might die because of the long journey ahead which will be cold, wet and windy.

Still not knowing what to do they are all really hungry. If they leave they will not be hungry because they will travel to a different country and they will get lots of food. As you get a lot of storms and shipwrecks they could stay in Bryher and get lots of food, gold from the wrecks and medicine for granny May to make her better.

Also if they leave in the cold and wet weather there will probably be a storm and they will die or get swept away by the sea. They could stay in Bryher and wait until, the summer and leave then so there won’t be any storms or bad weather.

What should they do? Leave or stay on the Isles of Scilly what ever they do they will either die or survive.

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Should they leave or stay on the Island of Bryher?


Bryher has flooded, should the Perrymans stay or go off the island. The family of the Perrymans have a huge decision to make.

Leaving the island might be good for the whole family because they might find the person who they love and miss: Billy. But if they leave the island and Billy comes back he might think ‘where have they gone? what’s happened?’

Sadly, if they leave all of their marvelous memories will be left on the island of Bryher. Yet, if they don’t leave all of their memories will be cherished forever!

If they stay there won’t be as many fish that come close to the beach. Also, they need protein from the bigger fish so they don’t get weak and become ill.

The Perryman family will have to some day make the decision to stay or leave the island of Bryher.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Should the Perrymans stay or leave the island of Bryher?


Bryher, which used to be a wealthy, independent island, is now a bleak, gloomy place struggling for money. Should the Perrymans stay or leave? 

Firstly, Granny May. Granny May is ill. If the Perrymans decide to leave they will need to dangerously transport Granny May which could kill her. However, if they leave Bryher Granny May can receive better medical attention. Granny May is ill. 

Obviously, the Perryman family will need to survive. If they stay they will still have a house and if they leave, their boat (the gig) might break. Nevertheless, if they leave, Laura can find a job to earn money so they can buy a house on another island.

Another initial survival need is food. 

On Bryher they know lots of people to help them so they can collect lots of food. On the other hand, if the Perrymans leave, they can find food and get better.

Billy. Should they wait for Billy? If they leave, Billy won’t know where they are and they will never be reunited. 

 In conclusion, there are many reasons to stay or leave Bryher. Hopefully they’ll choose the right one.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Should they stay or leave the island called Bryher


Bleak and drab, things are not looking good for the Perrymans. Leave or stay what should they do? 

The situation is as critical as brain surgery!

Out in the sea ,if they leave,the Perrymans may come across Billy and get all of the goodies from his ship. But if Billy comes back while they’re away he will worry and they will loose him again. 

 If the Perrymans leave they might find medical treatment to cure GrannyMay. On the other hand, the trip will tire her so she can rest if she stays.

Every day they will walk slower because of the lack of protein and energy you get from food so they should leave to find better food. Whereas if they stay they can find food and get it home easier. 

Walking along the sandy beach, going crabbing all of those good memories why not make more and and go to another island. Nevertheless if they say on the island they won’t loose all of the other memories. 

Crash, and here comes another storm another night of cold another day of starving. Surviving on Bryher is almost impossible at this point so they should leave.but survival somewhere else will be just as bad with no money no food and no shelter.

Leave or stay what should they do? The Perrymans don’t have much to go on so what do you think?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Leave or Stay?


In the freezing cold Isles of Scilly lives the Perrymans. Ever since the General Lee arrived in Bryher everything has gone wrong.

Billy Perryman hopped onto the General Lee, the rest of the the family were left frightened. Will he come home? Should they stay on the island to greet him? 

But what if he doesn’t come back, they can’t wait forever!

Laura is Billy’s sister so she might go to a different island and see if they allow her to go on the gig and attempt to find him and bring him back home. Or they can try and get food from Rushy Bay because it states in the book that ‘Granny May is the best shrimper on the island’.

Granny May’s roof has been demolished by the terrible weather. Also she is extremely ill, so it would be a great idea for her leave the island to get medical treatment and a better roof. But nethertheless she is the best shrimper so she could help everyone to get food. 

 If they were to leave Bryher they would have to contact Billy somehow and let him know where they are going, but if they stayed they would have to live on shrimps and limpets and have no water to drink. Leave or Stay?

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